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Neon Jungle target US market

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Neon Jungle target US market
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After taking the UK charts by storm, British band Neon Jungle is bursting onto the US music scene with their debut single ‘Trouble’.

Their performance at the famous Victoria’s Secret annual fashion show in New York gave them extra visibility stateside.

“We charted just from that airplay. I think it got to number 30 in Canada and number 60-something in America. Considering it’s not even released over there, it’s incredible for us. And also we had meetings when we were out there with record label companies, so you never know, we could be flying overseas sometime soon,” says band member Jess Plummer.

“Braveheart” is Neon Jungle’s new single – a club-friendly mix of pulsing synths and huge bass drops. The girls say they want to give each song a unique twist with a different energy and attitude.

“It’s just kind of a let yourself go, don’t take yourself too seriously, get on the dance floor kind of song. When we listen to it… it’s one of them songs on my phone… I listen to it like a normal song, like it’s not us, and just get down,” says band member Amira McCarthy.

“It’s a very positive song as well. It’s just about happiness, love filling up your lungs and enjoying yourself and having a good time,” adds Jess Plummer.

Aged between 17 and 21, the girls hail from from different parts of the UK, including London and Scotland.

They now share a house in London and say they are ready to fight for success.

“We are like competitive people, it’s like sports, like music, whatever,” says band member Shereen Cutkelvin.

“Like, me and you in particular (she points to Plummer). We’re all perfectionists, so if we’re not happy with it, we’ll try and top that, kind of thing. We’re our own competition.”

“Friendly competitive, not like, ‘Arrrgh!’,” adds Jess Plummer.

Neon Jungle’s second single ‘Braveheart’ is out this month, with their debut album soon to follow.


Neon Jungle performe the the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in New York