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London claims top tourism place, Paris disagrees

London claims top tourism place, Paris disagrees
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Britain’s capital London is claiming to have beaten Paris as the world’s top tourism spot.

Based on summer overseas visitor numbers that soared by nearly 20 percent, tourism chiefs predict a total of over 16 million for the year, making it the most popular city for tourists in the world.

But at the London Mayor’s office, they are keen on Paris too. Kit Malthouse, Chairman of promotion agency London and Partners said: “Paris is a fantastic city that has a great product that draws lots and lots of tourists. We are linked now by a (railway) line that is only two hours between us, why people wouldn’t come to both and spend their money? I would, I often go to Paris on holiday, it is a great city to go to, but our focus is London, we are doing extremely well.”

Paris though insists it is doing better, and will hold on to the title of “most visited city in the world”

The Paris mayor’s office pointing out that its 2013 overseas visitor figures have not yet been calculated and London is not comparing like with like.