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More police sackings as Turkish government roots out 'plot'

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More police sackings as Turkish government roots out 'plot'
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It is now clear that a full-scale purge is underway in Turkey, where the ruling AK party is claiming a “dark power” exists behind the scenes that is seeking to undemocratically destroy it.

More purges in the police took place on Tuesday, with offices of the Economy Ministry raided as the police followed up corruption allegations and the AK party sought to root out police they accuse of pursuing a political agenda,

It has got to the stage where those making the arrests one day are arrested themselves the next. Since December 1,700 top police officers have been sacked or moved.

A total of 350 officers were removed in Ankara overnight as Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan sought to uproot potential supporters of a powerful foreign-based rival he believes – along with Israel, the US, or Mossad – is trying to destroy him.

He claims the corruption scandal crashing over his party is spurious and unfounded in reality. The details have yet to emerge but the corruption is believed to relate to construction and property, and Turkey’s gold trade with Iran.

“Changes in the police following the corruption probe have thrown the whole Turkish legal system into debate. The government believes that there is a kind of different entity within the police and is determined to break it, even to the point of accepting retrials in cases which helped it to end military dominance of the country. The opposition on the other hand thinks that political pressure on the legal system will lead to a state crisis,” says euronews’ reporter in Turkey, Bora Beyraktar.