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East coast US gripped by record breaking low temperatures

East coast US gripped by record breaking low temperatures
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A deadly blast of artic air that has smashed decades-old records is continuing to wreak havoc as it moves across to the US east coast.

Road, rail and air travel has been severely disrupted along with schools and businesses, forcing thousands to remain home.

And some of those who have braved the tumbling temperatures in Chicago wish they had not.

One Chicago resident said: “I don’t want to be outside at all, not at all. The moment you walk outside your skin hurts.”

“It is brutal out here. It is unbelievably cold out here. It’s ridiculous,” lamented another Chicago commuter.

Major US cities from the MidWest to the East Coast are in double figures well below freezing. At least four deaths are thought to be weather related.

There have been hundreds of flight cancellations – and further delays in order to allow flight crews to rest after scrambling to recover from snow induced problems.

Forecasters say the extreme cold snap is expected to head south but it is unclear exactly how long it will last.