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News Year Review 2013

News Year Review 2013
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You followed the events of 2013 with us, day after day, through our reports and analysis, our correspondents in the field and well-known guests. We covered economic matters, social protests, spy scandals, natural disasters and the horrors of war. We also covered changes in power and marked the passing of some, recently Nelson Mandela.

We look here at the highlights of 2013, beginning with the newcomers. Their arrival on the international stage made headlines. The ones we singled out have already made their mark – or simply roused media attention. From new Pope Francis to the new heir to the British throne, here are the emblematic faces of 2013.

The underside of globalisation, of a world economy without borders: we saw new social movements spring up in emerging nations, demanding accountability from governments in the streets… from the middle class in Brazil to an army of impoverished workers in Bangladesh; and those with nothing to lose and everything to gain – immigrants – made desperate bids to reach peace and prosperity in Europe.

The year was not free of terrorism. Scores of people lost their lives and hundreds were wounded in horrific events in the United States and in Africa – events in which ordinary civilians were the targets. These events happened in Boston and at a mall in Kenya.

Disasters make top headlines and lead television news bulletins – a part of life. In 2013 we followed closely four such events, natural phenomena that seize people’s imaginations, such as the meteorite explosion in Russia.

No year comes and goes without war somewhere, making its way onto television screens and into newspapers; 2013 was marked by a dirty war, in which Syrians were killed with chemical weapons. And there were echoes of the Cold War as a glacial chill blew through diplomatic offices in the Snowden affair.

Some were faces familiar to everyone, symbols of continuity and stability – monarchs. Others rose to the highest functions of state by way of the ballot box. Some surprised us, choosing to step down; others left a vacuum difficult to fill. We look at four departures that marked 2013.

We conclude our Euronews review of the year with the farewell to Nelson Mandela. But since news never stops, neither do we. You can count on us to continue keeping you informed throughout the new year, round the clock, in 13 languages. We wish all our viewers a Happy 2014.