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'Christmas in a Day' explores festive Britain

'Christmas in a Day' explores festive Britain
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Two years ago Oscar-winning film-maker Kevin MacDonald released ‘Life in a Day’.

Buoyed by that success, he is now presenting ‘Christmas in a Day,’ an account of how British people and their families celebrate Christmas.

“The film is a kind of exploration of what does Christmas mean to us now. And I think what comes across loud and clear is that it means family and being together and not being alone. And that’s a kind of fundamental human desire and that’s why the movie, I think, is quite moving. It’s funny. It’s also a bit sad, but it’s moving. It really does get to you because we all recognise in it a fundamental human desire and need and that’s why the movie, I think, is quite moving,” MacDonald said.

Funded by the British supermarket chain Sainsbury’s, the 45-minute documentary features video contributions from ordinary people.

Segments of the film are being used as adverts for the retail giant, which, according to the director, makes a refreshing change from the usual glossy ad campaigns that are rolled out during Christmas every year.

“I really like the idea that they are not doing the normal Christmas advertising thing. They are not even doing the normal advertising thing. They are actually taking real life, ordinary people, beautiful and ugly, old and young, homeless, alone, happy, sad. They are taking real life and they are putting that into the commercial breaks and that’s kind of quite odd and sort of a bit weird. And I like that they are confronting people with reality,” MacDonald added.

‘Christmas in a Day’ can currently be viewed on YouTube.