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Brazil is not considering asylum for Snowden

Brazil is not considering asylum for Snowden
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Brazil has said it is not considering granting asylum to the fugitive former US security analyst Edward Snowden despite his offering to help investigate revelations that the NSA spied on their president.

Snowden made the offer in an open letter published in the Brazilian press.

Brazil is currently conducting a Senate probe into the surveillance allegations which came to light in documents leaked by Snowden.

The revelations damaged relations between the US and Brazil, causing President Dilma Rouseff to cancel a state visit to Washington.

An online petition in Brazil has been launched pressing the president to grant Snowden asylum.

Snowden is currently living in Russia under a temporary visa that is due to expire in August.

In the past he has asked for sanctuary in Brazil among other countries.

In the letter Snowden did not explicitly repeat his request but implied his cooperation would depend upon it.

The stream of leaked documents taken by Snowden from the NSA has allegedly damaged American national security.

A US proposal to offer him an amnesty if he hands over the rest of the data has been dismissed by the White House.