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Ukraine: supporters of President Yanukovych gather in Kyiv

Ukraine: supporters of President Yanukovych gather in Kyiv
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Several thousand demonstrators gathered in Kyiv’s Marinsky Park region in support of President Viktor Yanukovych's government.

Many of the protesters travelled to Ukraine’s capital from central and eastern parts of the country.

Some are deeply opposed to greater integration with Europe and in favour of building up ties with Russia.

One protester told euronews: “If jobs are lost in Ukraine’s eastern regions, where I’m from, then we’ll have to go to Europe. We’ll take the jobs of Western Ukrainians now working in Europe. We’ll push them out because we’ll be working for lower salaries.”

“I’m in favour of the policy of Yanukovych, and the fact that he put a stop to European integration,” said another.

Euronews correspondent Sergio Cantone reported from the rally: “Supporters of President Yanukovych -who came to Kyiv to back the Party of Regions and the government of the president – are waiting for Tuesday’s meeting between Putin and Yanukovych. They of course hope for a move closer to Russia, even though it’s not sure to happen.”