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The voice is the future

The voice is the future
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On the second day of Le Web conference in Paris, new technology pioneers continued to examine what innovations the next decade has in store for us.

One hot topic of conversation was how we use new devices to communicate, especially voice recognition technology.

Today, we are used to typing keywords into search engines, but things are changing fast to make interaction with digital devices as intuitive as possible. Apple was one of the pioneers in the field, and technology is evolving fast with voice recognition systems like Siri and Google’s voice recognition software.

“We are working on this idea of turning interaction with Google from a keyword type interaction into a natural, voice interaction where I can ask for what I want in a natural way. For example I could say ‘What’s the weather going to be like in Paris on Tuesday?’ and get an answer back in a natural way, vocally, that I can listen to,” said Scott Huffman, Google’s chief engineer.

Loic Le Meur is one of the co-founders of Le Web – now in its 10th year. He is convinced voice recognition technology is the future:

“It’s voice. Typing is completely overrated and kids might not learn to type anymore because they just use iPads and tablets. The future is all in the voice,” he said.

Photo credit: CC Flickr