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Russia may ban MPs from using iPhones over spying fears

Russia may ban MPs from using iPhones over spying fears
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Russian lawmakers are considering banning state officials from using foreign-made smartphones.

Instead they want to use the Russian-made Yota phone over concerns that communication gadgets made abroad may not be secure.

The proposal comes in the wake of the scandals over US “snooping” on world leaders by America’s National Security Agency.

A law is currently being drafted to put to the Russian parliament.

MP and leader of LDPR, Liberal Democratic Party of Russia Vladimir Zhirinovsky said: “For security reasons, it is better to use our brands. Because for foreign smartphones their service providers and their operating centres are all abroad. It is very easy to download information from our conversations. And, after all, the members of parliament represent the highest power in this state.”

The twin-screened Yotophone was launched last week and has already started being used by self-confessed gadget addict Prime Minister Dimitry Medvedev.

But Russian smartphone manufacturing is lagging behind the likes of Apple and Samsung so IT experts suggest MPs could install encryption softwear as an easy alternative.