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Ukraine: riot police gather outside Kyiv's City Hall

Ukraine: riot police gather outside Kyiv's City Hall
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Tensions are rising in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv after hundreds of riot police positioned themselves outside City Hall which is occupied by protesters.

On Thursday a court order was issued giving demonstrators five days to leave government buildings or be forced out.

Elsewhere demonstrators have blocked parliament and government buildings.

Hundreds also remain in Independence Square, despite heavy snow and bitterly cold temperatures.

They have surrounded the square with blockades and transformed it into a tent city, surviving on donations of food and clothing from supporters.

Demonstrators say they are staying put until the government resigns.

“Right now we see that this is the right moment as we have this chance from Europe. This is the right time to sign it because we kind of doubt if we don’t do it now, there is going to be a chance later,” one protester said.

Another added “nothing has been done for the past 20 years and I doubt anything will change very quickly but it gives us an impetus for change.”