Sandy Hook massacre 911 calls released

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Sandy Hook massacre 911 calls released

Sandy Hook massacre 911 calls released
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The shootings that transpired at Sandy Hook Elementary school in the US last December shocked a nation.

Twenty children and six adults were gunned down when Adam Lanza rampaged around the school in Connecticut

Now, nearly one year one on, published 911 calls made by students and staff, tell of some of their terror.

The following is an extract, released of a call made from the school:

“Newtown 911, what’s the location of your emergency?”

WOMAN: “Sandy Hook School, I think there’s somebody shooting in here, Sandy Hook School.”

OPERATOR: “Okay, what makes you think that?”

WOMAN: “Because somebody’s got a gun. I caught a glimpse of somebody running down the hallway … they’re still running, they’re still shooting. ( In the background noises that sounded like gunshots could be heard.)

“Sandy Hook School please!”

Some calm, some punctuated by gunshots, the minutes of police recordings may prove the last evidence heard on the tragedy.

Made public following a freedom of information request by news organisations, their release has already attracted the anger of some of those close to the events.