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Greek PM has defended 2014's budget

Greek PM has defended 2014's budget
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Greek PM Antonio Samaras has defended his government’s 2014 budget as Athens comes under renewed pressure from international creditors, who say it will miss its targets.

- After almost three months of negotiations between the troika and the greek government an agreement for the tranche of 1 bn euros and the next of 4,9 bn euros was impossible. However, Antonis Samaras from Brussels said he is optimistic – explained our correspondent, Efi Koutsokosta.

The Greek premier told reporters:

I think we are ahead of targets. We have produced a primary surplus a year earlier than scheduled. We are still on the negotiation train. I think this cannot be described as an impass. In the contrary I am optimistic that within this year the whole package of this negotiation will positively be addressed and solved.

The European Commission president urged Athens to satisfy the demands of its creditors.