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Unemployment falls at last in Spain

Unemployment falls at last in Spain
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Even in good times November is a cruel month for Spanish unemployment as all that tourism-based seasonal work dries up, so last month’s fall in the jobless figures was most welcome.

The decline was tiny, only 0.05% or under two and a half thousand people, so of little comfort to most.

“I have been looking for almost a year and nothing. I don’t know if there are no jobs, if the crisis is just drowning us, I have no idea of how long I’m going to be like this, but so far I’m unemployed,” said out-of-work Maria del Mar Flecha.

“We have now suffered terrible cutbacks and we’re all just waiting to see what happens. I’m living thanks to my wife, my savings, the very small unemployment wage, this and that, but it’s not a lot,” says Javier Gonzalez, unemployed for two years.

Although Spain’s economy started growing again in the last three months after 10 quarters of falls more than one in four is still out of work. Construction and industry are hiring again, services and agriculture less so.