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Kyiv protests persist as Yanukovych hangs on to power

Kyiv protests persist as Yanukovych hangs on to power
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After the Ukrainian parliament’s rejection of a motion to hold a vote of confidence in the government, tens of thousands of people are making their way to the capital’s Independence Square.

The situation is calm at the moment, however tensions have remained high since President Viktor Yanukovych pulled the country away from an EU deal which would have pushed Ukraine towards greater integration with Europe.

Speeches from opposition leaders are expected at the square before the crowd plans to move onto the presidential palace on Tuesday evening. Some of the most intense violence since the protests began have been outside government buildings.

Earlier, Yuri Yarinovsky, member of the Svoboda (Freedom) party summed up the situation, saying: “The government has no trust and never had it over the past three years under Yanukovych’s rule. We have to get rid of this government and get rid of Yanukovych,” he said.

Meanwhile, Yanukovych is out of the country. He left Ukraine on a scheduled state visit to China earlier on Tuesday leaving behind a country in turmoil. He has shown no signs of stepping down.

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