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Thailand anti-government protesters seize state TV

Thailand anti-government protesters seize state TV
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Protesters seeking to overthrow Thailand’s government have taken control of state television headquarters in Bangkok.

They have already occupied parts of government ministries in recent days in efforts to oust Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra.

In this latest assault, demonstrators are apparently demanding control over broadcasts.
For some observers, it has moved this political crisis one step closer to an attempted coup.

Police fired teargas near Government House on Sunday, after a chaotic night of street fighting.

Military back-up was brought in to protect government buildings after the clashes between opponents and supporters of Yingluck.

Protesters claim she is a puppet for her brother Thaksin, Thailand’s exiled former leader, ousted in a military coup seven years ago.

Yingluck has invoked special security powers but her opponents have designated today a decisive day in their efforts to remove her.

After an attempt to storm a police compound where she had been this morning, she left hastily for an undisclosed location.

Overnight clashes between pro-and anti-government demonstrators have left at least two people dead and dozens more wounded.

In political violence three years ago in Thailand,
more than 90 people were killed.