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UN report describes 'tragedy' facing Syrian refugee children

UN report describes 'tragedy' facing Syrian refugee children
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The UN has published a report into the tragedy facing a generation of Syrian children.

More than 1 million youngsters have been displaced by the war with around 4,000 living alone or separated from their parents.

Many have ended up being the primary breadwinner with no opportunity to go to school.

Unsurprisingly the report found they were traumatised and suffering psychological distress.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio Guterres, visited a new refugee camp in the village of Arsal on the Lebanese border with Syria on Friday.

He called on other countries to give Lebanon much more support to help meet the needs of refugees.

Lebanon is currently giving sanctuary to around a million Syrians who now make up a quarter of its population of four million.

“You can imagine that what is happening today in Lebanon, if it were in a country like Germany, would mean the equivalent of 18 million refugees, in the United States it would be 56 million refugees. This is the extent of the problem, so obviously massive support is needed for the Lebanese people and massive support is need for the Syrian refugees,” Guterres said.