Kyiv protesters urge Ukraine to sign EU deal

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Kyiv protesters urge Ukraine to sign EU deal

Kyiv protesters urge Ukraine to sign EU deal
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In Kyiv, thousands of Ukrainians continue to protest against the government’s decision to hold off on signing a deal with the EU, with some keeping a round-the-clock vigil.

President Viktor Yanukovich claims he cannot afford to turn his back on Moscow but the protesters would rather look to the West for support, as one girl explained.

“I do not want to grow up in the “Soviet system” as my parents did. I do not want my children not knowing what democracy is. I do not want to be humiliated when I receive visas,” she said.

Even Ukraine’s stars turned out to support the demo.

“There is something in my heart I wanted to express to the people,” said Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, lead singer of Okean Elzy continuing, “I am very grateful to them – for their really European position. Because this unification we can see here is very European.”

If the summit concludes with no sign of a signature, the protests could escalate. In 2004 protesters forced a vote recount against Yanukovich during the Orange Revolution.

Euronews correspondent Sergio Cantone in Kyiv reports:

“Thousands of people are gathering in Maidan, downtown Kyiv. They are all asking the same thing of President Yanukovich – sign the association agreement with the EU. There are artists, intellectuals, but also people from neighbouring countries because they think that this could not only change things in Ukraine but also elsewhere.”

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