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China warplanes sent to disputed East China Sea airspace

China warplanes sent to disputed East China Sea airspace
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China has sent warplanes over the disputed East China Sea airspace which it announced as a defence zone last week.

The move has upped the stakes after Japan, South Korea and the US all flew through the zone on Tuesday in defiance of China’s demand that all flight plans over the area be submitted, failing which ‘defensive measures’ would be taken.

China’s foreign minister asked that “Japan and the United States reflect on themselves, correct their errors, and stop making irresponsible accusations against China.” He continued by calling on them to “stop creating friction and put an end to statements and actions that may harm regional stability.”

The new air defence identification zone covers the islands known as Senkaku in Japan and Diaoyu in China.

The dispute is the latest escalation in tensions in recent months. US Vice President Joe Biden will be hoping to smooth over relations when he visits the region next week.