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Young Kato are causing a splash with their EP "Drink, Dance, Play"

Young Kato are causing a splash with their EP "Drink, Dance, Play"
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The band is made up of six friends from Cheltenham. Young Kato caused a stir on social media after appearing on a British reality show.

The band explained how the hit came to be written: “So Joe Green will take the song and almost plant the seed if you will, get the bare bones of the song and we all come in and it’s like a back and forth process. And it creates like almost like through this function that we make our song. But ‘Drink, Dance, Play’ was something completely different. It was kind of like, naturally came like into its own. In terms of how I wrote it, the top line and melody was all just off the top of my head, straight away. And Luckily we recorded it on a phone so we could hear it again.”

Young Kato are currently at work on their debut album as Joe Green explains: “ I just hope that people when they listen to it sort of appreciate each song, because a lot of the time you get bands who sort of have amazingly strong singles then, or other songs on the album and then some that are just so polar opposites you can’t really listen to it all the way through the continuity of it. So we just want to make sure the caliber of the songs is just the best that it can be. The way it’s going at the moment, it definitely is that.”

“Drink, Dance, Play” is out now.