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"Another Me" a psycho spook movie

"Another Me" a psycho spook movie
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Spanish director Isabel Coixet has turned to the supernatural for her latest film “Another Me.”

The psychological thriller follows a teenage girl who is haunted by a ghost who looks like her.

Isabel Coixet directed the movie:
“You know I’m not that person who believes in supernatural things. I don’t. I tend to be very rational, but sometimes I must say, in a very rational way we live with ghosts. We live with ghosts of our past. We live with the ghosts of our mistakes. We live, for us and I think for the characters in the film, they are real.”

For the 17-year-old English actress Sophie Turner it was the first lead role in a feature film and she said its not easy to get spooked on a film set : “There are 30 people around you. You can’t feel scared. In the film there’s all these tunnel scenes and it’s really eerie, but really there’s like crew eating crisps just off camera. It’s just not that scary. So I guess it’s always going to be a bit of a challenge, but the writing, the director, actors all made it pretty easy.”

Over the course of the film, she becomes steadily more frightened as the presence inserts itself more aggressively in her life. It appears on the elevator in her building, in her school and in an underpass that she walks through every day.

“Another Me” is currently on release in Italy.