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Ukraine: more clashes in Kyiv as protests continue against suspension of EU trade talks

Ukraine: more clashes in Kyiv as protests continue against suspension of EU trade talks
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There have been more clashes in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv. Police fired teargas on demonstrators protesting against the government’s decision to suspend trade talks with the EU.

Ukraine was supposed to sign a trade and cooperation agreement at the EU summit in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius on Friday but the government announced last week it was seeking closer trade ties with Moscow instead.

The Kremlin had threatened trade retaliation against Ukraine.

On the streets there is anger at what is seen as a u-turn by the government

One protester said “ I don’t represent any political party. I’ve come of my own free will. I’d like Ukraine to confirm Europe as our partner.

“I don’t agree with Prime Minister Azarov. He must cancel the decision to suspend the signing of the Association Agreement, otherwise he must resign!” said another.

The Ukranian opposition has demanded that talks with the EU are restarted.

Boxing champion and opposition leader Vitali Klitschko said:“After negotiations with many influential European politicians we are positive that Europe is still interested in Ukraine’s euro-integration. The doors have not been closed yet. However, it depends on us if we will ever be a part of Europe or not. “

The Ukranian foreign ministry has confirmed the president will still go to the summit on Friday.

Euronews correspondent in Kyiv, Maria Korenyuk, says that despite the rain in Kiev, hundreds of Ukrainians are continuing to protest. They say their rally will continue until November 29, the day when Ukraine’s fate will be determined at the Vilnius Summit.

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