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Impact of violence against women remembered around the world

Impact of violence against women remembered around the world
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The United Nation’s International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women has been marked around the world.

In Florence, 128 pairs of red shoes were laid out to remember the number of women killed by a man they knew in Italy in 2013.

In Palermo, people laid out cut-out silhouettes of women who had been killed, with signs reading “ Palermo against violence against women. “

In the centre of Madrid, the names of the 45 women in the country killed this year were read out.

One young woman who had experienced domestic violence when she was 17 encouraged other women not to put up with abuse: “It happens to many people as it happened to me. Many of them keep silent, and I think this is worse. You bear this situation and forgive him, but it is going to get worse and worse, this person is not going to change.”

Although the focus in Europe was on combating domestic violence and rape, issues such as sex trafficking, forced marriage and female genital mutilation have been discussed and remembered around the world.

United Nations statistics show that more than 70% of women worldwide have experienced violence at least once in their life.