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Microsoft unveils new Xbox One in big console battle

Microsoft unveils new Xbox One in big console battle
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The last contender in the big console battle enters the fray at midnight in Europe as Microsoft launches its Xbox One.

The next-generation console has a blue-ray disc player for the first time but its makers are perhaps most excited about the Kinetic 2 feature which let users controls games through gestures…and more.

Dave McCarthy, General Manager at Microsoft Studios said: “We can tell where your muscle force is, where your weight transfer is. We can even go down to the level of reading your heart-rate by looking at micro-fluctuations of blood flow in the face.”

The world’s biggest Xbox fans have been queueing for days to get their hands one of the machines that will go on sale for around 500 euros.

It is significantly more expensive than its closest rival, Sony’s Playstation but Microsoft says their “all-in-one” entertainment system will make good on its promise to “revolutionise your living room”.

Indeed, the Xbox One will have to deliver if Microsoft wants to improve on its third and final place – behind Nintendo and Sony – in the fight for game players’ hearts and minds.

But Microsoft says its machine is really prepared for the future so it is hoping to eclipse Sony in sales. Last week the Japanese technology giant launched its PS4 console in the US, and notched up sales of more than a million on its first day.