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Russia grants bail to 9 foreign Greenpeace protesters

Russia grants bail to 9 foreign Greenpeace protesters
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Several foreign Greenpeace activists detained in Russia on hooliganism charges have been granted bail. They were arrested in September for trying to scale a state-owned offshore oil rig.

Russian court rulings granted bail to: Sini Saarela from Finland; David Haussmann from New Zealand; Miguel Hernan Perez Orzi from Argentina; Paul D. Ruzycki from Canada; Camila Speziale from Argentina; Tomasz Dziemianczuk from Poland; Francesco Pisanu from France; Christian D’Alessandro from Italy and Ana Paula Alminhana Maciel from Brazil.

Bail was set at 2 million rubles (approximately 45,000 euros).

Greenpeace welcomed the decision, but stressed that the organisation believed the activists should not have been locked up in the first place.

Sergei Golubok, lawyer for Greenpeace, told reporters: “We think there should be no criminal case in principle. But the court wasn’t looking into that question today – it was looking at pre-trial detention. Considering our current situation, any measure except detention is more reasonable.”

Greenpeace said that it would make the bail payments as soon as possible, but emphasised that the activists remained charged and were facing up to seven years in jail.