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Lee Rigby murder trial begins in London

Lee Rigby murder trial begins in London
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The trial has begun in London, with the swearing-in of the jury, of two young British-born converted Muslims accused of murder.

They are accused of attacking army Drummer Lee Rigby, an Afghan veteran, in the streets near Woolwich barracks last May with machetes, hacking him to death in broad daylight in front of astonished passers-by.

The attack was especially savage and amplified by the fact one of the killers allowed a member of the public to film him, hands bloodied, make a declaration alleging anti-Muslim prejudice and calling for an end to British military involvement in Afghanistan. The attack and video shocked Britain and led to an upswing in anti-Muslim prejudice.

It even produced a royal reaction, with the Queen making a very rare public declaration on such a matter.

Rigby’s funeral in July brought thousands onto the streets in Bury, his home town, where mourners were joined by the prime minister and mayor of London.

The two accused are also charged with conspiracy to murder a police officer and attempted murder of a police officer.