Interior design extravaganza in California

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Interior design extravaganza in California

Interior design extravaganza in California
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If you appreciate an over-the-top experience and happen to be in southern California in the coming weeks, the legendary Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills is the place for you.

The Tudor-style residence has been turned into a show house for around thirty interior designers, who were given free reign to redecorate the rooms.

“Each room has a different designer, they design the room in order to market themselves. We are using the Titans of Business as the theme of this house which means we’ve asked the designers to use one of their clients, who may be a business tycoon of some sort,” says Design House International co-founder Victoria Reitz.

In one of the living rooms inspired by Stevie Wonder, the decor includes African art and bold textures with furniture that allows the blind singer to see them through feeling. Lisa Turner has been Stevie Wonder’s decorator for more than 20 years. She says the musician himself helped design the room:

“He actually chose what photos he wanted on the wall, and there are braille plaques next to each one so he knows what’s up there. All of the textures in the room and the shapes are created to give him interest, so it’s tactile, the fabrics are rich. So he enjoys it and he gets good feedback from people around him,” says interior designer Lisa Turner.

The room dedicated to Italian fashion designer Valentino is the work of Alissa Sutton from of Los Angeles. She used Valentino’s signature red colour adding gold and turquoise. The mansion’s bowling alley lanes have been transformed into a fashion catwalk.

“His life is so opulent and glamorous and beautiful, and I definitely wanted to encompass that feeling here in this space. But at the same time, too, I added a bright turquoise colour onto an old antique piece of furniture to kind of give it a fresh look. I also incorporated more of a graffiti type art piece with one of his famous quotes that gives it more of a modern flair,” says Alissa Sutton.

The creator of the Muppets, Jim Henson, was the inspiration for one of the mansion’s children’s bedroom. The design is playful with a lot of colour and games.

These and many more rooms inspired by an eclectic mix of celebrities including Coco Chanel and one of the Swarovski founders are open to the public at the Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills until the end of the month.

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