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Aid arrives at last for some Philippines survivors

Aid arrives at last for some Philippines survivors
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More than six days after Typhoon Haiyan destroyed their lives the people of rural northern Cebu are finally getting some help. Aid has arrived, but the authorities have been so overwhelmed dead bodies are only now starting to be cleared, and from the main roads only.
Many more victims’ remains will stay where they are until discovered, who knows when. Aid workers are coming to help from far and wide.

“A plane lands in every 15 minutes and soldiers quickly unload it. The problem is that basically there is no petrol on the island, so it is impossible to get aid to people in the city. Those who come to the airport, an 11-kilometer trip, get everything they need. The Hungarian Baptist rescue team I work with as well as all the other teams are doing everything they can,” said Csaba Lukacs.

The Philippines are still struggling to come to terms with the scale of the disaster that has befallen them, and it is likely its effects will be felt by tens of thousands of people for decades to come.