Style over substance? Rihanna launches own fashion collection

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Style over substance? Rihanna launches own fashion collection

Style over substance? Rihanna launches own fashion collection
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Like many singers before her, R & B queen Rihanna has decided to launch her own fashion brand.

Designed for a well-known British high-street store, the collection is a mix of urban wear and sexy outfits including very high platform heel boots.

Nominated Best Artist of the Year at the American Music Awards, Rihanna has recently fuelled controversy with the provocative video of her single “Pour It Up”, which was banned ten minutes after its release. The singer’s videos have kicked off a debate in the UK over whether sexually explicit music videos should be given ratings in the same way as movies.

The shoes for the new collection were made in Portugal. Keeping the whole affair secret wasn’t always easy, said businessman Miguel Oliveira: “In the beginning, we were told this was to be a project that we’d have to hide from everyone, at least until launch day. We signed an exclusivity contract to keep quiet about this project, and we were asked to be very careful.”

What was the toughest challenge when it came to the shoe’s design?

“Achieving harmony, due to the height of the models, between the heels and the platform – that was a bit tricky in the beginning,” said Oliveira.

And what was it like working for a superstar like Rihanna?

“Of course there is some prestige in working for someone like Rihanna, but all our clients are important to us,” said businessman Rui Santos.

Out now in stores and online, Rihanna’s new winter collection has earned mixed reviews, with some critics advising the singer to stick to the day job, describing the 90’s-inspired clothes as “a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen”.

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