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Egypt: State of emergency and curfew lifted

Egypt: State of emergency and curfew lifted
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Egypt’s government says it is lifting the three-month state of emergency and night-time curfews. The economic life of the country was hit by the nightly shutdown which began in the middle of August.

The measures were introduced after security forces ended protests in support of the ousted President Mohammed Mursi.

The move comes two days earlier than expected after a court ruling. It brought mixed reactions on the streets of the capital.

“I want the curfew to be extended. The country still faces instability on the streets. Cars still get stolen and we are still worried,” said Khaled Al Nashar.

“The curfew was affecting business. I agree with the need to end it. People need to work and earn a living,” was Faud Ahmed’s response to the news.

But in the town of Mansoura police and student supporters of the ousted president clashed. According to reports, four people were hurt. It’s believed Mursi supporters are planning to stage a series of demonstrations on Friday now that the curfew — which started at 7 p.m. on Fridays — has ended. There is also anger over draft legislation to regulate demonstrations in the country.

The right to protest is seen by activists as one of the landmark achievements of the 2011 uprising against Hosni Mubarak. It’s understood the government is now studying the draft law.