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Rohani vows to stand firm over Iran's nuclear plans

Rohani vows to stand firm over Iran's nuclear plans
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Iran’s President says the country will not bow to “threats” when it resumes talks in ten days over its nuclear ambitions.

In an address to parliament Hassan Rohani said Iran negotiators had made clear to the six world powers that any sanctions, humiliation or discrimination would not be tolerated.

“The rights of the Iranian nation are our red line. National interests are our red line. Among those rights are nuclear rights within the framework of international law, including the right to enrich uranium on Iranian soil.”

It is unclear what, if any, threats were made to Iran but Europe’s foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton, declared the talks a success as they helped ease tensions over a decade-old stand-off.

“We’ve drilled down the issues that underpin a good agreement and we’ve had actually a very constructive time. There are some issues that we still have to find the best way forward and we decided, after three long days, that we should have a pause on that and comeback on November 20. That’s not a failure,” said Ashton.

But Israel, which calls Iran’s nuclear drive a mortal threat, condemned the interim deal taking shape.

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: “I asked all the leaders, what is the rush? I suggested they wait and weigh all the issues seriously, it’s a historical process and a historical decision to make. They made a good decision in the end, but I’m not deluding myself.”

“There is a great desire to reach an agreement, and I hope it will not be at any cost, and if an agreement is reached, it has to be a good agreement not a bad one,” added Netanyahu.

The sides seemed on the verge of a breakthrough – before differences emerged between U.S. and European allies as France declined to endorse the proposal under discussion, believing it did not adequately neutralise the risk of an Iranian atom bomb.