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Rio Fashion hits the catwalk

Rio Fashion hits the catwalk
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Rio Fashion Week has kicked off with the 2014 winter collections from some of the hottest local designers.

The event opened with a technicolor splash of radiant prints and colours from Patricia Viera’s new winter collection. Stunning and eclectic designs were highlighted by dynamic animal prints, outrageous colours, beads and florals.

Artist Klaucia Badaro helped decorate some of the outfits.

“Viera gave me total freedom to create. She said, ‘just do it.’ It’s much easier to work that way for an artist. Really, things flow, better and I loved it. I don’t want to stop. I want to do this forever,” said the artist.

Designs by Brazilian architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha played inspiration for Alessa’s new collection.

In a show dominated by black and white, the designer used tweed, chiffon, organza and satin as well as geometric jacquard patterns. Entitled Concreto, it was a determinedly urban collection for the young fashionista.

Off to Singapore for Digital Fashion Week where Scottish designer Holly Fulton displayed her upcoming spring-summer collection.

The event was held in collaboration with the British Council. It provides an opportunity for British designers to expand to new markets:

“I think to us, Asia’s a much better market than Europe. So we do much better over here than we do in the EU. So I think, really we haven’t changed much of what we were doing, still very colourful bases to our work, it’s very print-based embellishments. It’s a lot of attention to detail, we find that our Asian customers, really, they have more appreciation of craftmanship and the finishing that goes into garments and accessories. So that’s why I kind of love the Asian market. We’ve spent a lot of time getting that right, and quite often, it can go off the radar in the EU, whereas in Asia, it seems to be really appreciated seriously,” said Holly Fulton.

For its third edition next year, organisers hope to extend Digital Fashion Week to Bangkok and Shanghai.