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'Stop Watching Us' anti-mass surveillance rally in Washington

'Stop Watching Us' anti-mass surveillance rally in Washington
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Thousands of demonstrators descended on Washington for the ‘Stop Watching Us’ rally on Saturday.

It was billed as one of the largest anti-mass surveillance demos so far, and brought together diverse groups with members of the conservative Tea Party rubbing shoulders with the Green Party to call for an investigation into the NSA Spying revealed by whistleblower Edward Snowden.

“He should be held up as a hero;” declared Mike Ewall part of the anti-surveillance protest. “I mean, we have people who are committing the crimes right here, in Maryland, at Fort Meade and here in D.C and they’re the criminals.

‘We shouldn’t be chasing down truth tellers who are whistle blowers, to other countries, basically imprisoning them, taking away their rights when they’re the ones who should be put on a pedestal.”

Snowden’s revelations have caused diplomatic dilemmas for the US government and forced debate on the balance between privacy, freedom and security. Hollywood actors have also added their voices to the debate with a video released in time for the march.