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More protests in Brazil as new transport plan is announced

More protests in Brazil as new transport plan is announced
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Further protests have flared up in Brazil following an announcement about a new transport plan for its largest city.

Masked protesters attacked up to fifteen ATM machines and four banks in Sao Paulo in a protest over the high cost of local travel services.

Police responded with tear gas, causing the majority of the attackers to disperse, but not before setting fire to a city-centre bus station.

Brazil’s O Globo newspaper reported that a police colonel was struck by a rock and had his gun stolen at one point during the pandemonium.

Up to 78 people are said to have been detained in connection with the attacks.The so-called Black Bloc anarchist group is being blamed, in part, for the outbreak.

According to police, violence erupted following a three-hour march through the city to protest against the president’s failure to address the ongoing issue of the cost of transport.

Brazilians have been protesting about the issue in various cities throughout the country since June. Although high transport costs are usually the trigger, there has been wider unrest about the high cost of living, poor public services and the alleged misuse of government money.