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Czech Republic swings to the left - election opinion polls

Czech Republic swings to the left - election opinion polls
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After three months without a proper administration, opinion polls suggest that the Czech Republic will vote the left-wing Social Democrats into power.

The outcome will see an elected government formed for the first time since June, when the previous administration, a centre-right coalition, collapsed after a spying and corruption scandal.

Following this, an interim, ‘caretaker’ government failed to win a vote of confidence.

Polls suggest voters are tired of austerity measures and will give the strongest support to the leftist parties.

In the event of victory, Bohuslav Sobotka’s Social Democrats may try to sustain a minority government. However, there has also been talk of a coalition with the Communist Party.

They regularly receive over ten percent of the vote, meaning their support could prove crucial to a Social Democrat-led government.

The new ANC Party, led by billionaire businessman Andrej Babis lies in third place in the opinion polls.

If the Social Democrats win, Babis’ party may be another viable coalition option.

Sobotka will need to take into account some voters’ concerns about bringing the Communist Party back to power for the first time since they were toppled by the 1989 Velvet Revolution.