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Humourless Germans? Stereotypes exhibition opens in Croatia

Humourless Germans? Stereotypes exhibition opens in Croatia
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Blondes aren’t the sharpest tool in the box, women’s place is in the kitchen, Germans have no sense of humour and the Scottish are tight with their cash. These are just some of the stereotypes that society has contrived to provide us over the years

Now an exhibition called “The Blonde Jokes: Stereotypes we live by” has opened in Croatia to showcase them.

The Zagreb Ethnographic Museum presents negative caricatures – such as ethnic, gender, racial, and social stereotypes through a combination of billboards, videos, texts, museum pieces, performances and concerts.

Curator Irena Kolbas talked about the motivation behind the exhibition: “We live with so many stereotypes that usually we don’t even realise it. We take them for granted, like something that happens every day. Among other things, with this exhibition we try to raise awareness about that,” she said.

As stereotypes change throughout history and social development, this will be reflected in the exhibition, which will evolve alongside them.

“The concept of the exhibition is designed to be modified throughout time, so that visitors will have the chance to return time after time. Our intention is to attract more visitors to the museum.”

Visitors are asked to talk about stereotypes on camera, and they can even tell a joke if they’re up to it!

One woman joked on camera: “Why was the blonde found crawling on the floor of the supermarket? She was looking for low prices”.

One eye-catching performance focused on the stereotypes and perceptions surrounding nuns. It featured a man dressed in a nun’s habit, posing on a stool as part of a living installation and walking around speaking to visitors.

The exhibition runs until May 2014.