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Refugees in Lyon sleep under a bridge for over four months

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Refugees in Lyon sleep under a bridge for over four months
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For the last four months, some 300 Kosovar Albanians, including 90 children, have been residing under a bridge in the French city of Lyon.

The conditions are dismal. There are no showers, water, electricity. For nourishment, the families have been resorting to the local soup kitchen. Skin infections and diseases are rampant.

One lady told euronews that they have been met with numerous problems in France.

“My daughter is sick, my husband is sick, I am sick and we have been sleeping here for 4 months”.

A court order decided to remove the refugees from the make shift camp. They will be transfered to a temporary residence in Oullins, a suburb of the Lyon.

But Oullin’s mayor François-Noël Buffet has already called on locals to sign a petition stopping the arrival of the refugees saying that the town already hosts over 200 asylum seekers.

Euronews reporter Nora Shenouda visited the camp: “illness, famine, desperation- this is how these refugees live in the center of Lyon. Their situation could be better temporarily by make them move to a winter accomodation, but the decision about whether they can stay in France or they would be expelled from the country, is not before next year.”