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Computing for the silver generation

Computing for the silver generation
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Understanding and keeping up with today’s rapidly changing technology is a challenge – especially for people who survived perfectly well without mobile phones and computers for most of their working lives. The Novela Festival, in Toulouse, France, aimed to highlight what modern technology can do for all generations.

Erwane Monthubert, Head of digital policy at Toulouse Council, explained: “For seniors it’s a fantastic opportunity to stay connected to the modern world and get access to cultural content and educational material on line or simply to stay in contact with their families, grandchildren or friends.”

Workshop sessions explored the world of GPS, wifi, social media and digital tablets onto which you can download hundreds if not thousands of books. But the emphasis wasn’t just on accessing content, it was on using technology to make new friends in real life.

Frederic Bricka, a computer coach, said: “I think that these digital tools complement actual real human contact, because when contact is established online then people meet in real life too.”

Another popular workshop demonstrated how to set up a blog, and give ideas for what to write about.

The younger generation get taught about computers at school, and the Novela Festival was a chance for older generations to catch up.