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JPMorgan 'to pay record settlement to end mortgage probes'

JPMorgan 'to pay record settlement to end mortgage probes'
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Shares of JPMorgan Chase slipped on Monday following reports it had reached a tentative deal with the US government over bad mortgage loans.

Chief Executive Jamie Dimon is said to have negotiated a record $13 billion (9.5 billion euros) settlement that should end many of the current state and Federal investigations.

They are focused on mortgage bonds that were sold to investors by JPMorgan and the banks it bought during the financial crisis.

The criminal investigation centres on whether JPMorgan misrepresented the quality of the mortgages it was packaging into bonds and selling to investors.

The New York Times and Wall Street Journal reported the deal is not finalised yet, and even if it is JPMorgan bankers could still face criminal charges.

As well as the sub-prime mortgage issue the bank is being probed over trading of derivatives in the so-called ‘London Whale’ case, possible manipulation of benchmark interest rates with ‘Libor’ and whether it gave jobs to the sons and daughters of executives at Chinese-owned companies to secure business in China.