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Jackass' Knoxville is Bad Grandpa with a stripper grandson

Jackass' Knoxville is Bad Grandpa with a stripper grandson
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Jackass co-founder Johnny Knoxville plays an obnoxious octogenarian in his latest movie ‘Jackass presents: Bad Grandpa’.

It’s the story of 86-year old Irving Zisman who sets off on a journey across America with the most unlikely companion: his eight-year-old grandson Billy.

The transformation was lengthy, but worth it. “It took three hours every day in the make-up chair to look like that. (…) But going through the process, it just helps. When all the make-up is done, it’s like you almost naturally start hunching over. But I’ve been injured so much that I kind of walk like Irving anyway,” explained Knoxville.

Along the way, Billy does a great deal of growing up, as the duo winds up in a series of Jackass-style situations.

The highlight of the movie is the ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ parody scene when he takes part in a beauty pageant, to the dismay of the other contestants and their mothers.

Nine-year-old Jackson Nicoll, who played Billy, says he put a lot of effort into that: “It took me a couple months to learn the stripper dance and the beauty routine. I had fake nails, fake teeth, a wig and my weird dress, that hurt every second I was wearing it.”

“Now you know what women go through. Ow!,” added Knoxville.

‘Jackass presents: Bad Grandpa’ is on worldwide release.