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France: students protest in Paris over deportations

France: students protest in Paris over deportations
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Thousands of students have been protesting in Paris over the deportations of Kosovan Roma schoolgirl Leonarda Dibrani and college-goer Khatchik Kachatryan.

Much of the outrage is not about the young people being sent home, but the way they were treated. Leonarda was removed from her school bus by police in front of other children.

One young protester said: “We are concerned by what happened to the young Armenian and Kosovar. We are really outraged by what happened, we find it shameful and we support them wholeheartedly.”

French Interior Minister Manuel Valls defended Leonarda’s expulsion as fully legal, but said an enquiry would be launched into the handling of her case.

Back in Kosovo, Leonarda said she missed France, explaining: “This isn’t my home. My home is in France, because in France I have everything: my friends, my boyfriend, my teachers, my school, my future, everything. Here I have nothing.”

“I told everyone they should vote for Mr. Hollande. I don’t know why he sent us back here and I want to ask him to bring us back to France as soon as possible because I don’t want to lose my education,” Leonarda continued.