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Glasvegas launches new album

Glasvegas launches new album
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Scottish indie rock band Glasvegas are back with a new album.

The Glaswegian foursome, which has toured with U2, Kings of Leon and Oasis, burst onto the airwaves in 2003 with their distinctive melancholic sound.

“Later… When The TV Turns To Static” is the title track from the eponymous album.

Lead singer and guitarist James Allan explained the meaning behind it:
“I guess it’s a song that I was writing, kind of about the place between what has just happened, a chapter that has just passed, and moving into the next chapter, the new dawn, that in-between place, where the unknown lies ahead, the mystery lies ahead, and that can be quite scary,” he said.

It’s Swedish drummer Jonna Löfgren’s first album with Glasvegas after she joined the band in 2010.

How was it for her?

“I don’t feel the pressure from outside. (…) It’s mostly just the pressure you put on yourself. You just want to make it as good as you can for yourself. No one else from the outside can come and say anything different. If you are happy with it, then that’s it,” she said.

The album has earned mixed reviews. While critics point to little if any evolution in the band’s sound, fans are glad to see them return with an album “packed with the same heart and turmoil that have become their bruised trademark”.

Glasvegas are currently on tour across Europe.

“Later… When The TV Turns To Static” is out now in the UK.