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Second global day of protest against Monsanto over GM food

Second global day of protest against Monsanto over GM food
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The second day of global protests against the American biotechnology giant Monsanto has taken place in several cities around the world.

In Berlin several hundred people turned out to demonstrate against genetically modified food crops and denounce Monsanto’s agricultural and business practices.

The company is the world leader in genetically modified seeds.

Its GM crops and agri-chemicals are widely used in other parts of the world but Monsanto has found it much harder to gain a foothold in Europe.

Another protest took place in Brussels on Saturday. In the summer the dim outlook for cultivation in the EU led the company to abandon plans to win approval for growing new types of genetically modified maize, sugar beet and soybean there.

The protesters were hoping to build on their first global protest against Monsanto back in May.

The issue of GM crops has long divided opinion in the EU, where green groups argue they pose a danger to human health.

Monsanto insists its food is safe and its innovations help farmers produce more using fewer natural resources.

Business analysts say the company’s costly time-consuming research and opposition to its techniques have dented its performance.