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Curfew shortened after security conditions improve in Egypt

Curfew shortened after security conditions improve in Egypt
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From Saturday, Egypt will shorten the country’s curfew by two hours every day.

The army says this is because of an improvement in security conditions in the main cities.

The military-imposed curfew was introduced on August 14, after hundreds were killed by the army and police following the break up of two sit-ins by supporters of ousted former president Mohamed Mursi.

The decision will see the curfew reduced by an hour at each end from Saturday to Thursday; starting at midnight, and ending at 5am.

Street cleaners and journalists are among the limited few allowed to break the curfew.

The shortened curfew has provoked mixed reactions around the country. One man described how the imposed hours were having a negative impact on tourism, especially when nightspots are being forced to shut at midnight.

Another man thought the new midnight starting time was positive, saying “the hours provide the time to renew public utilities, clean the streets and make the country strong.”

Once the curfew comes into play each evening, Egyptian army tanks are spread in the central streets and neighbourhoods to ensure it is being respected. People caught breaking the curfew can be arrested.

Traditionally a day of protest, Friday will continue to have a longer curfew, starting at 7pm and finishing at 5am. This has caused traffic jams in the main cities, as people struggle to get home on time.