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Argentine leader recovers amid strong support from well-wishers

Argentine leader recovers amid strong support from well-wishers
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“Be strong, Cristina be strong” shouts a supporter of Argentine President Cristina Fernendez de Kirchner.

The president is said to be improving “without complications” following a successful operation to remove a haematoma on her brain.

However, the doctors’ short statement gave no suggestion of how long the country would be without their charismatic leader.

A presidential spokesman said that she had started to eat following the operation, and sent her love to the Argentinian public.

Well-wishers took to the streets to applaud and sing in support of Fernandez, who is said to be continuing to advise on political decisions, despite being in hospital.

Experts on this type of operation predict that there will be no major complications, as long as she takes the month’s rest recommended.

A whole month’s rest doesn’t seem likely, however, as Fernandez’s party is currently facing the prospect of losing control of Congress in the polls.

The president’s protectionist trade policies have won her the support of many of Argentina’s poor and working class citizens.