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A-list cast for Rodriguez new pulp movie

A-list cast for Rodriguez new pulp movie
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In Robert Rodriguez’ new action movie Danny Trejo returns as former Mexican police detective-turned-spy Machete.

Machete is recruited by none other than the US President himself to tackle a dangerous arms dealer and a crazed terrorist.

With a budget of just 20 million dollars, “Sin City” director Robert Rodriguez still managed to cast normally budget busting A-list stars:

“I don’t have a lot of money, I don’t have a lot of time, but that’s nice for the actor. You’re only going to be here a couple of days, you know? Mel Gibson was three days, Lady Gaga and Charlie (Sheen) were one day, Sofia (Vergara) was two days. You’re going to come and play a part you never get to play. You’re going to be very iconic, you’re going to be able to have your own poster because you’re going to be so memorable. They can’t say no to that. I mean it’s so fun,” said Rodriguez.

Danny Trejo, who stars as the wild and dangerous Machete, is known for taking on tough guy roles. However, he admitted to getting a little star struck on Rodriguez’ set, literally going gaga for Lady Gaga:

Danny Trejo: “It was so cool, she was so sweet and so nice. I have her pots and pans at home. You know she cooks her own food, like steamed vegetables.”

Alexa Vega:“Why, you don’t like steamed vegetables?”

Danny Trejo: “Maybe with salsa on them. No, but she does, she is very health-conscious and so when she was packing, I said ‘Gaga what are you gonna do with those pots and pans?’ She said, ‘Well, nothing. I’m not going to take them.’ So I got them and put them on a shelf. It says “Lady Gaga’s pots and pans”. They are not going on eBay.”

Critics mostly agree that this unexpectedly entertaining sequel to the first Machete movie lives up to expectations, providing wildly violent action-comedy, throwing a ton of fun-seeking ideas at the wall in the hope that cinema-goers will enjoy the splatter.

“Machete Kills” is on release now around the world.