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Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood stages pop-up protests as it evolves to survive

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Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood stages pop-up protests as it evolves to survive
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For members and supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, ways of voicing protest are increasingly limited.

The government has banned all Brotherhood activities and seized its assets.

Since Islamist President Mohammed Mursi was ousted by the army, dozens of Brotherhood leaders have been arrested, while hundreds of supporters have been killed in clashes with security forces.

So, what now?

Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo have started holding small quickly-organised protests outside the city’s main squares.

These events take the security forces by surprise and bring traffic to a standstill, making them difficult to police.

Political analyst Gehan Lotfy told euronews that, despite the crackdown on the Brotherhood, it appeared to be attracting new supporters.

“These protests are coming more and more out of narrow streets and also have started entering universities. It’s clear that the people taking part are different to before,” Lotfy said.

The Muslim Brotherhood has withstood several threats to its existence throughout its 85-year history and has been banned in Egypt before.

Euronews correspondent Mohammed Shaikhibrahim reported from Cairo:“The methods of expression are changing and taking new forms. But the basic demand remains the same. They want the legitimacy that they say has been snatched from them.”