New UK rom-com and thriller out now

New UK rom-com and thriller out now
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“Not Another Happy Ending” is a Scottish romantic-comedy starring “Doctor Who” actress Karen Gillan.

Directed by John McKay, Gillan plays Jane Lockhart, a successful young author who can only write when she is feeling unhappy.

In an attempt to help her with her writer’s block, Jane’s publisher sets off to intentionally upset her to resuscitate her inspiration.

“I just think it was really important for us to show Scotland in a different light you know, not just about the use of drugs or the crime rate, so it was really refreshing to read. Also, it just came down to the character that I play in the film, and I found her to be a really well written – a rounded, interesting character and I wanted to play her,” said Karen Gillan.

Though the film does indeed manage to reflect Glasgow in a more flattering light than usual, and a pleasant soundtrack by Scottish singer-songwriters, critics generally agree that “Not Another Happy Ending” is nothing more than a disappointing rom-com without surprises despite the actors’ decent performances.

“Last Passenger” by Omid Nooshin, on the other hand, has earned rather good reviews.

A classic runaway train story, it has been praised for what critics call its ability to successfully create suspense, build up tension and handle its mystery elements.

“What appealed to me about it was how old fashioned it was, and I don’t mean that in a negative way, I mean it in a very positive way because I think from time to time we all yearn for those old movies which were all about character and about story. And I think that ‘Last Passenger’ had that. It reminded me of a Hitchcock thriller where Hitchcock used to invest in the characters, so whatever happened in the story, you really cared about them because he’d spent the time for you, the audience, to get to know them,” said Scottish actor Dougray Scott, who stars in the movie.

In order to make it feel as realistic as possible, the film was shot in real train carriages which were brought into the studio.

As the speeding locomotive ploughs through stations and level crossings, fear turns to terror. The passengers soon realise they must take matters into their own hands – and this is where the film works, according to critics, who say it does justice to the classic scenario of panic in the face of doom.

“Last Passenger” will be out in the UK from October 18.