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US special forces target Islamist leaders in Libya and Somalia

US special forces target Islamist leaders in Libya and Somalia
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A US commando raid in Libya has led to the capture of Senior al Qaeda figure Anas al Liby. The 49-year old was on America’s Most Wanted list for his alleged role in the embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998 that that killed 224 people.

In a separate raid US special forces were said to have targeted the leader of the al Shabaab group at the centre of the Nairobi mall attack. The raid appeared to be unsuccessful despite initial reports that a senior figure had been captured.

A spokesman for the Islamist militant group told Reuters news agency that foreign forces had landed on a beach at Barawe in southern Somalia and launched a pre-dawn raid on one of their coastal bases. Though the US confirmed that Navy Seals failed to locate their target. Both Britain and Turkey denied involvement in the assault.

A US official confirmed that the mission was in response to the Westgate mall attack which killed at least 67 people on September 21.

Al Shabaab claimed responsibility saying it was in response to Kenya’s incursion into southern Somali in 2011.

The attack raised fears in the West over al Shabaab’s operations in the region.