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Half of Europeans say austerity has failed: Gallup poll

Half of Europeans say austerity has failed: Gallup poll
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Just over half of Europeans believe that austerity policies in the EU have failed, according to a new survey published on Wednesday.

Pollsters Gallup interviewed more than 6,177 people across Europe between 13 and 23 September.

The research firm found that 51 percent of those interviewed thought cutting spending as a way to exit the crisis has failed.

Meanwhile, an average of 60 percent of Europeans quizzed said there are better alternatives to austerity. But as many as 94 percent of Greeks oppose cutbacks.

Jose Manuel Barroso, the president of the European Commission, said austerity alone would not work.

“Our policy is not based only on fiscal consolidation. It is based on structural reforms for competitiveness and based on investments,” Barroso told euronews’ Rudolf Herberts.

“It’s why the Commission has been fighting for a budget at a European level that promotes investment and growth. So I can agree with all of those who say that fiscal consolidation will not solve the problem.”

Some argue cuts are stifling growth and feeding unemployment, which stands at an average of 10.9 percent across the EU.

The number is slightly higher for the 17-member eurozone, climbing to an average of 12 percent.